Notary Public

Any document that requires a Notary Public is an extremely important and personal piece documents affect us

in a personal way, sometimes in a private way. You can count on, and trust us with your documents. Our

Notary is always available during normal business hours. We also offer a 24/7 Notary Service. Please call to

schedule an appointment.

The Services we offer, are: Acknowledgment of Signature Authentication Certificate* Specific-Time Appointments** At Home Notary (for the home-bound)*** Change of Name or Address Swearing Witness FLORIDA STATE LAW! Current Photo ID must be presented before you sign any document. A Driver’s License or State ID Card issued from the Department of Motor Vehicle. A valid Passport or Armed Forces Identification tissued from the Federal Government or Armed Forces. Other State issued identification card with a photo and state issued identification number are acceptable forms of ID. We will not Notarize without proper identification no matter what the reason! This law is for your own safety and security and is in effect to protect you from identity theft.  Our Notary Public has the right to refuse any ID presented. Acceptable ID? Identification must be current, in good condition and cannot show any signs of being tampered with or be damaged in key areas of importance. We do not have a bi-lingual notary so documents and identification must be written in the English language.  If you are unsure if your ID is acceptable, then call us at (352) 816-7609. * certified copy: must be an original and cannot be any document such as a birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, etc. (Not available for home appointments) ** certain restrictions apply for Specific-Time Appointments and additional charges may apply. *** certain restrictions apply for At Home Service and additional charges apply. DO NOT pre-sign documents.Notary must witness all signatures
Polygraph Testing Reasons for Testing Lower Suspicion During Interrogations Even though the polygraph is inadmissible in court, it is still a tool used by police agencies during the interrogation process. The mere sight of the polygraph test may be enough to influence a criminal to start revealing important information. A polygraph does not have to be taken. No suspect can be forced to take the test. This right can be waived though. The only reason a person in this situation should take a polygraph is if they truly believe that the test will exonerate them of any wrongdoing. The inaccuracies of the test make the risks too great in most situations. An inaccurate reading can actually raise suspicion through no fault of the examinee. A person that is considering waiving her right to not take a polygraph test needs to discuss the possible ramifications with thier attorney first. This decision should only be made when fully informed. To Lower Suspicion During Marital Disputes Polygraphs are also used during domestic disputes. The test is used to help determine if one spouse has been unfaithful or has been involved in illegal activity (usually drug use). Again, the main reason for taking the polygraph during marital disputes is to clear one's name of any wrongdoing. Whether you take the test is a matter that should be discussed with an attorney first. The findings of the test cannot be admitted in court but can unnecessarily raise suspicions due to an inaccurate result. Are they Telling the Truth? Need more information to make an informed decision on an individual, whether it is personal or criminal? Our Polygraph Examiner with more than 35 years of experience will help you find out. For more information or to schedule a test please contact us today!
Notary Statement: “I am not an attorney licensed to practice law in the State of Florida, and I may not give legal advice or accept fees for legal advice.”
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